System Requirements

System Requirements


What are the system requirements - server setup etc?

OS Type:
The OS Type needs to be of Windows Server 2003 Standard and above (for outbound migration only) and Windows Server 2008 Standard and above for full backup and restore capabilities.
32 Bit version is supported for the Windows 2003 Standard.
64 Bit version is supported for 2008 Standard and above.
If you have Windows 2008 32 bit, you will likely see the 32 bit version - that has had very little testing and is primarily used for migration to 2008 R2 and above (which are 64 bit).
Installed Software:
.NET Framework:
.NET Framework 4.0 (for Windows 2003)
.NET Framework 4.5 (for Windows 2008 and above)
Other Software:
You need to have WebsitePanel installed and configured completely with all its resources.
Whatever WebsitePanel can do, the WBRM Utility will have access to.
If you didn't configure resources in the WebsitePanel, then the WBRM Utility will not have access to those resources.
RDP Access:
You need to have full RDP Access with Administrator privileges.
Login information:
You need to have Usernames and Passwords for the various resources including:
Windows RDP: User with an Administrator's Level access
MSSQL:  user:  sa   and it's password
MySQL:  user:  root  and it's password
WebsitePanel: user:  serveradmin   and it's password
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